Welcome to DockDogs Australia. A great sport for you and your dog to have fun.

How to get involved

Looking for a sport for you dog? We can offer a fun activity for both you and your best friend.


Keep up to date with our list of events for training, competitions, BBQs and more!

Competition Results

Central Coast Dogs in the Park  20th November 2016 Big Air Amateur up to 12’11”

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next event?

Please check our Facebook page for the latest information on events.

Can my dog participate in the dogdock event?

Please read the dockdogs competition rules here.

Any other things i need to consider?

It the unlikely event your dog might be injured whilst participating, it is important to speak with your pet insurance provider to see if your plan covers these sort of events.  If you haven’t, here is a good place to compare pet insurance but please keep note many insurance providers do not offer coverage so read the PDS carefully before making any decision.