Rules and Regulation

  1. The Competition Team shall consist of one dog and one handler.
  2. Handlers must be at least seven (7) years old to compete.
  3. Pushing, pulling, growling at, or dropping a dog into the water, up the stairs to the dock or on the dock is strictly prohibited.
  4. Dogs must be at least six (6) months old to compete for insurance requirements.
  5. Dogs in heat will not be allowed on the dock or within the competition venue.
  6. Should a dog appear to be injured or ill, the dog’s handler will be asked to cease competition until such time as the dog regains health.
  7. Handlers are prohibited from jumping into the pool, regardless of the situation. The ONLY exception is if the wrangler needs assistance in getting a dog out of the pool.
  8. All competing dogs must be crated or held by the handler or an assistant of the handler on a maximum length of a four (4) foot or 1 metre non-retractable lead at all times while on site at an event and MUST keep a distance of eight (8) foot or 2 metres between dogs.
  9. Flat buckle collars may be worn on the dock. No chains or halties allowed.
  10. No dog shall be allowed off-leash in any part of the competition area, including the exercise area, except for; on the dock or in the water itself. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
  11. Dog vests and personal floatation devices are permitted.
  12. No other objects may be used on the dock during competition other than 1 handler, 1 dog, 1 chase object (not alive or previously alive), 1 sound device and 1 leash.
  13. Always toilet your dog in designated area. If your dog poops on the dock you owe Sydney City DockDogs either volunteering time, a case of beer or financial fee.
  14. KEEP IT FUN!